1. 🎊 birthday boy 🎊



  3. He uses color film for his color pictures and black and white film for his black and white pictures. You’re all welcome.

    what he said!


  4. Anonymous said: Whats your favorite film for your Olympus stylus epic?

    Portra 160


  5. Anonymous said: 490tx is a tumblr blog ran by my Moises arias and he is a close friend to kylie jenner. He takes nice pictures and I want to know what film he uses? If you know :)

    oh cool, yeah i don’t know though


  6. Anonymous said: Contax t3 or yashica t4? And why? Killer photos btw:)

    i don’t shoot film, I have a Olympus Stylus Epic tho and that thing is a beast

    completely off topic and i didn’t answer your question lmao sorry


  7. Anonymous said: What camera did you use to take kylie and drake and if you used a film camera, what film did you use?

    no film, 5D2!


  8. Anonymous said: In love with your photos but do you know what film 490tx uses?

    thank you!! idk what that is sorry


  9. just wanna thank everyone for supporting me. too grateful! πŸ™


  10. levantevinson:

    kylie jenner, drake and ob o’brien.

    (via stefanoarceo)


  11. jonissal said: bruh crazy shots of drake and pnd. nice work

    thank you!



  13. major overhaul on my website, new everything. take a look!



  14. generalfabrication said: hi, I like your work. Its good to know there is another photographer doing good work in San Diego.

    thanks man!


  15. seattle on 35mm