1. coachella: day 1. shook hands with Dave Chappelle during Outkast, also, stared at Queen Latifah, who was right next to me as well. Moshed at DJ Carnage’s set. Saw The Glitch Mob, A$AP Ferg, HAIM, and Girl Talk k i l l e d it. All images taken by me: iPhone 5C + VSCOcam


  2. currently packing for coachella. can’t wait to see outkast and pharrell, man. plus many more, but those are people I wanted to see my whole life. camping, so i’m gonna bring my camera and shoot around the campgrounds and what not. then gonna carry my stylus epic in coachella with some ektar 100. stay tuned ~



  4. wanderlust //


  5. my epic has a light leak


    UPDATE*** i fixed it.







  11. a little clip from yesterday, with some new work at the end.. | more at www.levantevinson.tumblr.com



  13. life’s good.


  14. perfect day to shoot. | #vscocam


    • rearranged my room
    • found a stylus epic for $2.99 
    • along with midnight club: dub edition for xbox for $4
    • found some old magazines