3. tre capital. | www.tre-capital.com

    the come up is coming.


  4. DTLA with @trexcap πŸ“·πŸ™πŸ”₯




  7. this is officially my only blog

    deleted my “other” blog. feels good tbh




  10. He uses color film for his color pictures and black and white film for his black and white pictures. You’re all welcome.

    what he said!


  11. Anonymous said: Whats your favorite film for your Olympus stylus epic?

    Portra 160


  12. Anonymous said: 490tx is a tumblr blog ran by my Moises arias and he is a close friend to kylie jenner. He takes nice pictures and I want to know what film he uses? If you know :)

    oh cool, yeah i don’t know though


  13. Anonymous said: Contax t3 or yashica t4? And why? Killer photos btw:)

    i don’t shoot film, I have a Olympus Stylus Epic tho and that thing is a beast

    completely off topic and i didn’t answer your question lmao sorry


  14. Anonymous said: What camera did you use to take kylie and drake and if you used a film camera, what film did you use?

    no film, 5D2!


  15. Anonymous said: In love with your photos but do you know what film 490tx uses?

    thank you!! idk what that is sorry