1. incognegroo replied to your photo “party.”

    You took this?



  2. party.


  3. Gundam Pt. 1 by Tre Capital is now live on Complex. http://www.complex.com/music/2014/09/tre-capital-gundam-pt-1-ep

    This is just phase 1.. 💎


  4. i produced this. Little Simz project, Drop 2, drops tomorrow.


  5. 👀


  6. observeencreate replied to your post “observeencreate replied to your photo She’s the homegirl. word? she’s…”

    she is. Let’s get together and tag team something soon !

    down dude!


  7. observeencreate replied to your photo
    She’s the homegirl.

    word? she’s cool






  12. shot some stuff today.. really glad. I haven’t shot with a model in a minute.

    stay tuned for more!


  13. earlier


  14. jonissal said: your shots are too nice g

    thank you! i appreciate it man


  15. definitely some of my all-time favorite shots i’ve taken.

    aside from that though,

    this is tre capital. you’ve probably seen him all over my various social network profiles, & he’s dropping his project, Gundam Pt. 1, on september 25th.